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Hey Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners and Small Nonprofit Leaders – If you are ready to get Marketing working for your business while you still run your business – KEEP READING!

Increase Your Income/Donations,
Work with Customers you LOVE,
Make a Bigger Impact on the World!

Get there with a Customized Strategy of Marketing + PR Tools for Your Business/Nonprofit

Are you Ready To...

  • Be the BOSS of your Brand and take your business/nonprofit to the next level?

  • Dive in and understand how Marketing + PR can work for your business?

  • Execute a clear plan for your Marketing + PR that saves you time and money?

The Problem


You are frustrated with cookie cutter marketing tactics that aren’t working.

You need to focus on your business, not just marketing – maximize your time.

You need affordable solutions to promote your brand.

You offer an amazing product or service but are the best kept secret in your industry.

This is where a Unique Blend of Marketing + PR Tools Can Help

Imagine what will change once you learn how to:


Know your dream clients/customers and why they LOVE what you have to offer.


Speak clearly and directly to your dream clients and compel them to action.


Be the Boss of your Brand – with a clear path to help you stand out as a leader in your industry.


Select Marketing + PR tools that will achieve your goals and REJECT those that won’t.

This is all totally possible with Jennifer as your guide. 

Plus, you can get there
faster than trying to figure it out on your own!

"Jennifer was the support I never knew I needed!"


"The strategy for my campaign was to target our ideal voter, deploy a social media advertising and organic content strategy in addition to engaging with people in person and via email."

"Plus she became my personal coach for navigating tricky situations while building my personal brand." 

"Jennifer walked me through every step of my marketing strategy - she is a great teacher and coach!"


Wendy Anderson, political candidate and Stetson University professor

Hi, I'm Jennifer, 
Your Marketing + PR Strategist and Coach

After spending 20+ years in Corporate America, I made the change to help businesses and nonprofits achieve their goals through Marketing + PR strategies. 

I spent the first decade of my career as a TV reporter and anchor telling stories about important issues in my community.  For the next 10+ years, I focused on Communications, Public Relations and Marketing.


I’ve worked in literally every aspect of business communication: internal communication with staff and leaders, external communication with the media and key stakeholders, crisis communication, digital content development, social media, executive coaching and much more.

I have a master’s degree in Strategic Communication and a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. 

What all this means is that I have the experience to help you get to your goals faster than piecing it together on your own.  When you work with a strategist and coach you will get to where you want to go faster and for less money.  You are able to take advantage of short cuts where others have gone before you. 

I’m excited to have the opportunity to talk to you more about what your business or nonprofit does and learn more about how we can help you reach your goals. 


Creating a Marketing + PR strategy and toolkit gives you the confidence to be the
BOSS of Your Brand.

No more investing your time and money in tactics that
won’t work for your unique business/nonprofit!

How we Build
Your Unique Marketing + PR


Identify Your Tools

Your Marketing + PR tools are items we will use over and over again in your marketing efforts.  They will consistently be refined and perfected overtime.  Your unique marketing tools are the secret sauce of your marketing efforts that make what you do - different than anyone else.

Understand your Ideal Client.  We will conduct specialized research to determine who your marketing needs to touch.  

Clear Messages.  Confused customers don't buy.  We will get your messages clear and concise to ensure your ideal clients know you are the perfect fit to work together. 

Business Brand Story.  People want to be inspired by the brands they work with.  We'll uncover the passion behind what makes your business/nonprofit so unique with your brand story.

Your Expertise.  No one offers exactly what you do, the way you do. PR has the power to turn you into a leader in your industry.  We will position you as the ultimate authority in your area of expertise in your industry.



Manage Your Tools

Not every Marketing + PR tactic is right for every business.  Your marketing needs are unique too.  We will apply your unique tools to a customized blend of tactics that is the perfect fit for your business/nonprofit.

Social Media











Apply Your Tools In a
Step-by-Step Timeline

You need a step-by-step plan for executing your Marketing + PR tools and tactics.  This is your strategy that guides the actions you will take each week.

Step-by-Step Action.  It's hard to know what to take on first.  We will create an action plan so you know what work needs to be done and when. 

Consistent Content.  Getting your content running on a schedule is the best way to stay relevant to your ideal client PLUS it helps you manage how you will create it.  If you are showing up regularly for your customers, they will take notice and appreciate it!

Blocking Time for Content.  Creating content is a critical part of marketing.  There is some of this work that you as the business owner must do.  Much of it can be given to others if you want.  But no matter who is doing the work it it must be a coordinated effort. 


"Marketing and PR was very difficult for me and
somewhat personal." 

"Jen has helped me target my marketing and PR efforts to my ideal clients.  Her ongoing coaching helps me stay focused on raising my profile in the community."

"She has done so much homework to learn more about my business and industry.
Her enthusiasm is genuine."

Pam Masters, Collaborative Divorce Attorney

When Working with Jennifer You Get

1_1 Strategy + Coaching with

1:1 Coaching and Strategy meetings: Every other week you will have access to Jennifer 1:1. It’s liking having your own personal Marketing + PR executive, with more than 20+ years of industry experience, take a deep dive into the promotion of your business twice a month.  Most companies have high-priced agencies on retainer, or they employ this level of Marketing + PR expertise for $120K+ annually.  You will get that and more for a fraction of the price.

1:1 Implementation Meeting(s) with Jennifer.  Even with the best roadmaps, we can get off course or need support.  Implementation is where the coaching on getting the work done happens.  It’s accountability and assistance with staying the course, pushing through roadblock – mental and physical – to reach your Marketing + PR goals.

A Customized Marketing + PR Strategy that will guide you toward implementing your goals.  This is your blueprint to success.  The strategy will have the activities that need to be completed by you or a vendor of your choice, and a timeline to make your dreams of increased income, ideal clients and a bigger impact on the world – a reality.

Unlimited Access to the Back Porch Library.  Jennifer is all about providing extra value to clients.  She is constantly creating content to teach and guide people in her community.  The Library includes Targeted Marketing 101 course (a $197 value) with more courses being added regularly.

Plus you have access to Jennifer's Facebook Group with other small business owners and  nonprofits who are on the same Marketing + PR journey you are traveling!


I’m so busy with my business/nonprofit – How much time will this program take me?

To get the most out of your Marketing and PR during our work together, expect to spend 2-3 hours in the first three months.  This time includes 1:1 meetings together and homework to create your custom toolkit.

When you enter the implementation phase in months 4-6, you will spend less time weekly and focus more on action and content execution.  If you have an employee or vendor who helps with your marketing efforts – awesome!  Your time may be even further reduced.  Being the Boss of Your Brand is an investment of your time, but the payoff is well worth it!

What type of marketing do you teach?

I focus my time on targeted, organic marketing principles.  That means we will spend time using tactics that are reduced cost and focused directly on speaking to customers who want to buy from you.  Any of the organic concepts that I teach can be converted to advertising in print, online, radio and even TV if you wish. Before advertising dollars are spent, I work with clients to ensure the ads will reach their ideal client.

What is the difference between marketing and PR?  Do I need both?

Marketing and PR tactics are close cousins.  I define marketing as activities designed to talk to your potential client, customers or donors with the goal of making a sale. PR is based on creating your authority in the community which could be online or in the area where you live.  It is less focused on the sales transaction, but builds brand awareness, image and credibility for the brand. PR is especially important for building relationships and partnerships outside of the business/nonprofit.

I strongly believe any business or nonprofit will benefit from a hybrid Marketing + PR strategy. I wouldn’t want to build a plan without both tactics.

A Marketing + PR Strategy gives you the blueprint you need to be the
and take action to achieve your goals.

You might still be wondering....

Should I create a Customized Marketing + PR
Strategy for my Business/Nonprofit?

Is this the right fit for me?

Who needs a Marketing + PR Strategy and Toolkit?

A Customized Marketing + PR Strategy is a a good idea if you:

Are looking to grow your business by adding more ideal clients.

Want to BE the BOSS of your BRAND and dig into how to build Marketing + PR strategies for your business.  This means understanding your ideal client, creating clear messaging, telling your brand story and being the face of your business/nonprofit.

Want confidence that your Marketing + PR will get results for you.  No more wasting time on the “latest marketing trend” that didn’t yield results.

Already have some happy customers/clients that have been happy with the results they have gotten from working with you.

Are ready to roll up your sleeves and take action to achieve your business goals.

Renovation Equipment

Many Business Owners and Nonprofit Leaders can benefit from a Marketing + PR Strategy and Toolkit, but this program is not for everyone.


You should skip this program if you:

  • Are not an action taker and ready to implement what you learn.


  • Are not ready to put in the work.  This program not going to change your business overnight.  There is work, trial and refinement involved in executing ANY Marketing + PR initiatives. 


  • Are looking for someone to do your Marketing + PR work for you.  Marketing and PR vendors are wonderful and encouraged in this program.  But if you are not ready to take the ownership of leading your vendors in a unique Marketing + PR strategy that is tailor made for your business– this is not the program for you.


  • Want someone to do your social media posts or build your website.  This is a coaching and consulting program that guides business and nonprofit leaders to developing a plan to meet Marketing + PR goals.  It is not a done-for-you social media/website creation service.

"Jennifer's strength is communications strategy."

"She helped me push my Good Neighbor brand from an idea to a multi-state movement." 


"We targeted specific groups for engagement and got several TV and newspaper stories to give our movement wider publicity."

Tim DeTellis, National Good Neighbor Day Advocate
Tim DeTellis.jpg

Begin Working on Your 
Unique Marketing + PR 
Strategy TODAY!

Pick the Program that is the Best Fit for You

Marketing Basics


1 month


One 90 Min. 1:1 Power Session with Jennifer


Targeted Marketing 101 Online Course

Months of Access



6 monthly payments*


Six1-hour 1:1 Strategy meetings with Jennifer for 3 months


Customized Marketing + PR Strategy


Six - 1:1 Implementation meetings with Jennifer over 3 months


Access to entire Back Porch Communication Library 

Corporate Access
12 Months


12 monthly payments


Jennifer is your Outsourced Corporate Communications Director



Customized Corporate Communications Strategy

Custom Services

  • External Communications

  • Internal Communications

  • Crisis Communication

  • Media Relations

  • Executive Communication

  • Media Training

  • Strategic Planning

  • Customer Service Strategies

52+ - 1-hour meetings with Jennifer


* There is a discounted price for paying in full instead of monthly.  Book a call for details.

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