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What does it mean to Be the Boss of Your Brand?

Being the Boss of Your Brand is a phrase I use a lot in my business to help leaders uncover what they need to do to put their best foot forward with their marketing, public relations, and communications. Being the Boss of Your Brand means understanding the most likely techniques to help you reach your business goals and avoiding the ones that can potentially waste your time and money. The reality is that it is different for every business or nonprofit. One single marketing, PR, or communications approach is not going to work for everyone.

I'm Jennifer Roberts, the owner of Back Porch Communications, and helping leaders be the Boss Of their Brand is what I do. We develop marketing, PR, and communications techniques that deliver and eliminate those that don't work.

Can you believe we have just nine weeks left in 2021! It blows my mind too. Many people are beginning to look ahead to 2022, and attracting ideal clients is at the top of many business and nonprofit leaders' lists. That is why I'm spending the next nine weeks – the rest of 2021 talking about different aspects of being the Boss of Your Brand.

We are going to dive into:

· understanding your ideal customer

· communicating clearly with customers

· stepping into your role as a trusted guide for your customer

· being the face of your brand

· taking action – even when it's not perfect

· defining success

· ensuring sure you have a plan for 2022

So many people hear the word brand and think of a company logo or a color palate. Those are definitely parts of a brand, but there is so much more.

Your brand is also:

· Who you are as a business

· What you offer to your customers

· Who you serve

Your brand is the promise of what a customer will get when they work with you. A big part of getting people to buy from you is to brand yourself as the go-to person in your area of expertise.

I genuinely believe that people buy when they fully understand the value of the offer being presented, and they know, like, and trust the person offering it. That's way more than a logo and a few colors.

By my definition, being the Boss of Your Brand is being a thought leader in your industry. There are many ways to do this, but they all require effort from the business or nonprofit leader. If you are the Boss of Your Brand, you cannot "farm out" all the pieces of your marketing, public relations, and communication. You can certainly bring in vendors or staff to help you achieve specific metrics of the plan. You can also have experts or staff step in to help you develop the plan. But there is one key element to the plan that cannot be overlooked - YOU!

You are the critical element. You are the expert. You are the person who has to understand the big picture of your marketing, PR, and communications work. As the leader in your organization – you can't set it and forget it – when it comes to your marketing, PR, and communications.

I believe all three of those areas – marketing, public relations, and communications go hand in hand. It's much more effective and efficient to consider all three when developing a strategy than just one at a time.

This is how I work with clients 1:1. I help leaders like you, Be the Boss of Your Brand and share your organization's passion with the world.

Want to learn more about how to Be the Boss of Your Brand? Stick with me for the rest of the year, and we'll dive into the specifics each week.

You can find this series in a variety of places. Pick which one you like the most!

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If you are interested in working together, I do have 1:1 spaces available right now. Book a 30-minute Zoom call on my calendar, and we can talk about taking your brand to the next level.

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