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One Thing You Can Do to Attract Future Clients - TEACH

We are all looking for things we can do to attract people to buy what we are offering. That is what it means to be in business. Even if you are a nonprofit and offer something more intangible – like making a donation or volunteering. I've gone one thing you can do tomorrow to start attracting new clients. I want you to teach.

I'm Jennifer Roberts, and I'm the owner of Back Porch Communications. In my work with business and nonprofit leaders, we spend time on Thought Leadership. Being a thought leader is a way to stand out as an expert in your industry. One of the simplest forms of Thought Leadership is creating content that your future clients want. If they see you as an expert in your field, you are well on your way to creating a know, like, and trust relationship. So how do you become an expert in the eyes of your future customers? One way is to teach.

Brainstorm What to Teach

I want to get your brain prepped for this concept by thinking about what you might teach. Put some thought into the following questions.

1. What do your customers ask you during your sales process?

2. What do they ask you when they first start to work with you?

3. What don't they understand about your business or industry but might be curious about?

If you come up with some answers to these questions – you have identified a few topics you can teach to your future customers.

Let me give you a few examples of what I mean, and then you can apply them to your business/industry.

· Attorneys get many initial questions about the legal process, whether it's filing for divorce, creating a will, or purchasing real estate. There are many opportunities to teach future customers about the process they will go through, questions to ask before hiring an attorney, myths about the process, and so much more.

· Let's consider teaching opportunities for buying a product such as a line of skincare. Maybe this is a mid-level marketing product that people purchase on a reoccurring basis. There are many opportunities to teach people how the product works and what it feels like. There are opportunities to teach future customers about skincare in general and why it is vital to have a regular skincare routine. You can even talk about common objections customers might have before they purchase – address those head-on.

After you answered those questions, I posed for your business and brainstormed a few ideas; think about how you educate your future customers. Will it be a blog on your website or a video? Maybe it could be a photo or a graphic for your social media channels. Perhaps it is information to share with your email list. It could also be how you talk about your business when networking with people in person. The options for teaching future customers are limitless.

Once you start opening your mind to how you can serve, provide value, and teach your future customers, ideas will start flowing. Putting teaching information out into the world can show current and future customers you are in business to improve your customers' lives and that you are a true expert at your craft.

Are you interested in diving deeper into Thought Leadership and what else you might do to assist your future or ideal customer before you start working with them? It's what I do with clients one-on-one. If you are ready to begin taking Thought Leadership to the next level, let's talk! Email me at

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