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You CAN have a

Marketing Strategy that Delivers Customers EXCITED to Work with You

Business Owners and Nonprofit Leaders

Does this Feel Familiar?

Wondering when your next client will show up.

Frustrated by marketing that doesn't work or doesn't even exist.

Guessing what motivates your customer to buy and not be too sales-y.

Worrying about doing the wrong thing that costs you time and money.

There is a better way to connect with customers. 
It starts with a
BPC We can do this together.png

 6-Steps to Marketing Success 

Removes the Guesswork from Marketing

Provides a Road Map for You or Your Staff to Execute

Clear Messages that Convert Customers Without being Sales-y

Develops a Consistent Flow of Customers who Want to Work with YOU!

6-Steps to Marketing Success is an online course that walks you step-by-step in the creation of your business' or nonprofit's unique marketing strategy.  This is not a cookie-cutter program.  With Jennifer Roberts, your trusted guide to all things marketing and PR, you will go through the 6-steps steps Jennifer uses with her one-on-one clients to develop their marketing strategy.  

Sneak Peek Into the 6-Steps

6-Steps to Marketing Success

Uses the same formula Jennifer has developed for her 1-on-1 clients into an online course that allows you to work at your own pace and at a fraction of the cost. 
By the end of 6-Steps s to Marketing Success you will have a
 Unique Marketing Strategy
that will provide a road map to maximize your marketing dollars.

Ideal Customer

Get to know your ideal customer and what motivates them to buy.


Blockbuster Basics

Modify your website, logo and social media to get your ideal customer's attention.


Attention Getting Content

Create content the stops the scroll and doesn't require a designer, copywriter or video crew.


Compelling Messages

Create messages that don't feel salesy, but get results.


Business Story

Create raving fans with your backstory!

Hint: Nonprofits this is your secret sauce!


Content on Your Schedule

A plan for posting gives you freedom to spend time on your business - not a slave to your social.

When you complete the 6-Steps, you will stop the marketing guesswork and be confident in the most time and cost effective ways to attract clients who are Excited and Ready to work with YOU!

I Need the Details

When does the 6-Steps to Marketing Success course start?

The course starts on Sunday, Nov. 1, 2020 and lasts for 6 weeks.  Each Sunday you will be given a new module for the week.  You can work at your own pace, but the complete the modules in order - they build on each other.

The course is timed to ensure you are ready to kick off your unique marketing strategy by 2021 or before!  What an amazing way to get a head start on the New Year!

What is included with the course?

The course has six video modules with Jennifer explaining the concept for the week.  There are worksheets with each module that help you work through each concept with the result being a complete, unique marketing strategy for your business or nonprofit. 

In addition to the course, each participant gets one 45 min. marketing strategy session with Jennifer via Zoom.  This session is the place to have Jennifer dive deeper with you, brainstorm additional ideas or talk through your strategy.  This session can be used at any time during the course. 


You also have email/Voxer access to Jennifer throughout the program.   If you have a question, need clarity or just some motivation - just reach out at anytime during the course.  

How much does the 6-Steps to Marketing Success course cost?

The cost of the course - including the Zoom session and access to Jennifer is $297.  This is an amazing value!  The cost of a single 1:1 Zoom session with Jennifer is $150.  The 6-Steps to Marketing Success is the same program Jennifer uses with her 1:1 clients which sells for thousands.

BONUS! - The first 5 students to register for the 6-Steps to Marketing Success Course, will receive a second 1:1 Zoom session with Jennifer - FREE!  ($150 value)

If you are one of the first 5 people to sign up, and receive the two 1:1 sessions with Jennifer (a $300 value), you are basically getting the course for free!

What if I don't finish the course in six weeks?

Ideally, you want to complete the course over a 6-8 week period to put your unique marketing strategy into practice in your business immediately.  But if you are unable to finish during that time, you will still have access to the course.  You can go back and review concepts again and again on your own time. All 1:1 sessions with Jennifer included with this course must be completed by December 29, 2020.

What if I can't commit the time to do the course right now?

That is understandable.  Only you can know if the time is right to take on a course with your business and family commitments. Expect the course and the work associated with it to take about two hours per week.  To get your marketing where you want it to be, two-hours or less per week is a small price to pay. 


The 6-Steps to Marketing Success course will be offered again in mid-2021.  You are welcome to wait to take the course at that time.  Or you can purchase it now and complete it when you are ready.

Since this is the first time this course is being offered - the price will not be this low again.  Now is the only time you will be able to get the 6-Steps to Marketing Success course with a 1:1 session with Jennifer for $297.

Mandie Testimonial.JPG

Amanda Bell, Owner

Amanda's Dance Center

Jennifer has been a trusted resource for my dance studio.  She guided me in creating an online survey to get to know my ideal client.  The results really showed me what my customers value about the instruction I give my students.  It also highlighted where I have opportunities to provide education and clear communication to the parents of my students to ensure we are all on the same page.  


Wendy Anderson, Political Candidate

University Professor

Jennifer was the support I never knew I needed!  The strategy for my campaign was to target our ideal voter, deploy a social media advertising and organic content strategy in addition to engaging with people in person and via email.  Plus she became my personal coach for navigating tricky situations while building my personal brand.  Jennifer walked me through every step of my marketing strategy - she is a great teacher and coach!

What is It Like to Work with Jennifer?

Is this Course Right for Me?

You are a small business owner who is ready to invest in finding their ideal client and making your marketing work!

You are a nonprofit leader who is motivated to find more people to support your mission.

You are a leader who is self-motivated and ready to put the work in to take your business or nonprofit to the next level.

You don't have a concept yet for your business.  You may benefit from working with a business coach to clarify what you offer.

You are in a multi-level marketing (MLM) company.  The course is for people who have their own business or nonprofit.

You are expecting this course to solve every problem in your business/nonprofit.  The 6-Steps to Marketing Success only focuses on marketing.

Are you ready to DITCH the marketing GUESSWORK and get a marketing strategy
If your time and your hard-earned money are going towards marketing that doesn't work, it's time for
6-Steps to Marketing Success
Will Roberts candidate for Volusia Count

Will Roberts, Volusia County Tax Collector

Jennifer is a great teacher.  She can make marketing and public relations concepts easy to understand.  During my first political campaign, I benefited from Jennifer's coaching around my ideal voter, crafting my message, explaining my personal brand and so much more.

Tim DeTellis.jpg

Tim DeTellis, National Good

Neighbor Day Advocate

One of Jennifer's strengths is communications strategy.  She helped me push my Good Neighbor brand from an idea to a multi-state movement.  We targeted specific groups for engagement and got several TV and newspaper stories to give our movement wider publicity.

Get Ready to Achieve Your Business or Nonprofit's Goals!

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